What do I do if my child is absent?

Teachers must receive notification of absences from parents, including requests for children to leave school during the day for tuition, appointments or family reasons. If children are taken out for tuition during learning times, teachers are to inform the principal.

Requests for children to be absent for longer periods of time must be made in writing to the Principal and filed in the Office.

Parents are encouraged to ring the Office before 9.00 on the day of an absence.  Absences notified by phone are recorded in the phone notebook in the School Office.

Parents must sign out and sign in at the Office when collecting and returning their children during the day. Children arriving after 9am are to report to the Office on arrival. Please send them over if they have come straight to class.

Can my child bike to school?

Year 6 children may ride bikes or wheels (eg. scooters) to school with written parental permission.

Permission Slips are available from Office. Helmets must be worn at all times; and bikes must be walked inside the school grounds.  Bikers/wheelers wait by the bus line in the afternoon to be crossed by the duty teacher.

Are cell phones allowed at school?


Children are not permitted to have cell phones at school unless they have written permission from their parents for specific reasons.  The Principal must approve this. The cell phone will be kept in the Office.