Learning Support

At St Ignatius school, we recognise that sometimes children need extra support with their learning. We have a dedicated team of professionals who work with these children to increase their skills and build their confidence. Our team works with these students to help them reach a level where they can fully participate in all the learning opportunities at our school.


Our Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO): Alana Morgan oversees the provision and support for students identified with learning needs by liaising with Whānau, Teachers and Learning Assistants. We also utilise the expertise of outside specialists on a regular basis.


For those children who require it, we schedule regular ILP meetings (Individual Learning Plan) to discuss how the child is progressing, their next learning goals, and which strategies will be used to achieve these.  These plans are reviewed for effectiveness and changes made to meet needs.


We provide ESOL in-class support for our “English as a Second Language” students on a case-to case basis. This support is provided on a regular basis and is designed to support both the student’s ESOL and classroom programmes. Depending on the needs of individuals we may provide ESOL programmes outside of the normal classroom environment.

At St Ignatius Catholic School we offer a range of learning support programmes. If your child is selected for these programmes you will be contacted via email.

We have access to the following support networks:

  • RTLB – (Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour) – support for teachers and families to meet the learning and behaviour needs of our students
  • RTLIT (Resource Teachers of Literacy) – support for teachers and families to meet learning needs in literacy

Please contact Alana Morgan if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s learning.

Further Learning Support

STEPS – is a computer-based literacy programme. Students using STEPS work independently through levels of literacy skill development in addition to their regular classroom lessons. This programme is used with students from Year 2 – 6 and is run twice a week in school hours. For more information see link: https://www.stepsweb.com/

PAUSE/PROMPT/PRAISE– is a literacy programme run by learning assistants and occasionally parent volunteers. This programme helps with reading mileage and comprehension for those children needing extra reading.

This web-based programme is designed to independently teach the skills that underlie successful reading and spelling: phonological awareness, phonics, and ‘chunking’. Word Chain is focused on building capable, confident Kiwi readers and writers! For more information see link: https://wordchain.co.nz/