Special Character

At St Ignatius Catholic School we live and teach the values of Jesus Christ.

These values which are expressed in the Scriptures are taught in our general school programme, in Religious Education and through prayer and liturgy. St Ignatius Catholic School is a community where Gospel values are central, where faith is nourished and where Christian celebration in the Catholic tradition is highly valued.


The individual and communal spirituality of the whole school community  is promoted and nurtured.

  • Students experience devotional, traditional, liturgical, imaginative and contemplative forms of prayer.
  • A prayer focus is established in each classroom and students are encouraged to maintain and respect this area.


The school is a faith community  which endeavours to spread the Good News by word and witness.

  • All members of St Ignatius Catholic School are encouraged to be examples of Christians living in faith and service.
  • The school values knowledge and understanding of scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • All members of the school community  are expected to know about the school’s unique Catholic Special Character, its traditions and founding history.


Education is a collaborative responsibility.

  • Positive working relationships are fostered between principal, board of trustees, staff, students and their families.
  • The parish priests, Josephite sisters and parishioners are welcomed into the life of the school.
  • The board undertakes an annual self-review process on Catholic Special Character and completes an annual comprehensive report to the proprietor. This is in addition to an external Catholic Character review every three years.


The school identifies and actively promotes gospel values.

  • Catholic values are taught, modelled and promoted with students learning how to face ethical issues from a Catholic perspective.
  • Teachers respect and reflect the Catholic Special Character of the school in all curriculum areas and in all school activities.
  • Excellence in the learning process is upheld as a strong Catholic value.

School culture

Catholic Special Character is visible in the relationships, and the artistic expressions, seen throughout the school.

  • The school culture embraces and reflects the Catholic Special Character in the way staff and students treat each other with courtesy, consideration and aroha, and in the physical environment of the school.


Leadership effectively shapes the faith-based vision, direction, values and outcomes of the school programme.

  • The principal is qualified by education and experience for the Catholic Special Character responsibilities of the position, and shows a commitment to Catholic Special Character.
  • The principal and the DRS work collaboratively to lead the development of Catholic Special Character.
  • Students have opportunities to lead the school in assemblies, liturgies and Masses and to be involved in supporting Caritas and Te Waipuna.


The school accepts responsibility for delivering education with a Catholic Special Character.

  • All planning and policy documents (enrolment, employment, professional development procedures) have Catholic Special Character components.


A Catholic culture of prayer, liturgy and faith-based celebration is promoted in the school.

Community prayer is part of the daily life of the school and the school marks significant events with liturgical celebrations.

Service Students take part in service and outreach opportunities provided by the school.

  • The school endeavours to provide opportunities for students to contribute actively in the life of the local community  and to be involved in national and international projects where appropriate.

Collaboration with Parish

The school is a part of St Ignatius Parish and Mother of Perpetual Help Parish. The school and parishes enjoy a positive collaborative relationship.